elcome to Serendippity RagaMuffins
Let me introduce you to my wonderful cats.....
Possibly the parents of your future kitten.
This lovely lady is Truffles, our little smoking hot wild child. She has the most exquisite green eyes. Photos do not do them justice. She may look like an angel, but don't be deceived, she is full of mischief. Truffles love to be in the middle of everything you do. She was born to be a project supervisor.

Truffles is more like a big sister to her kittens. She prefers that to motherhood, way more fun! She the one who teaches the kittens all they don't need to know.

iCandy Simply Irresistible
Sable Smoke and White
Gumdrop stole my heart from the very start, looking up with her sweet little face, giving me one of her special little mews. How could I resist her? Gumdrop adds a nice touch of class to my breeding program with her strikingly beautiful classic pattern marking. She is a big girl with a wonderful coat texture.

Gumdrop has mothered some of my very best kittens. She is independent and quiet but super sweet. A super mom who's content to tend to her babies.

iCandy Take My Breath Away
Natural Mink Silver Classic Tabby and White
This beautiful girl is Purrcilla, my little ray of sunshine. And shine she does! Her beauty is only excelled by her incredible sweet disposition. She's our laid back, I'm not going to get ruffled, Diva.

Purrcilla gives me phenomenal kittens in a wonderful assortment of colors. Including the beautiful Cream Cameo. Her kittens are always the life of the party and so fun to watch. Purrcilla truely enjoys spending time with her babies. Purrcilla is the epitome of the RagaMuffin purrsonality.

This is the new little Prince Charming of our breeding program. An outstandingly handsome boy with radiant eye color. He constantly purrs and needs to be loved. Kisses are abundant.

Eli's calm demeanor helps him to get along with everyone. Besides being a stunner he's a very gentle soul. He has a unique coat pattern for a RagaMuffin. We feel blessed to have him and look forward to seeing what he produces in the future. Look for his kittens in 2021.

Teddy Bear Cats Mr Elusive Chaos
Silver Sable McTabby and White
Santa Cats Gentlepurrs Purrcilla
Natural Mink Patch Tabby Van

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