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RagaMuffin Encore Cats - Sparkle & Shine

elcome to SERENDIPPITY Muffins.
Let me introduce you to my wonderful cats. . .
possibly the future parents of your baby.
This lovely lady is Reba, our little red headed "Wild Child" She may look like an angel, but don't be deceived, she is full of mischief and tricks. Reba love to talk and I do mean talk. She will talk non-stop to anyone who will sit long enough to listen. Around here it's not often, we've already heard it, more than once!

Reba is like a big sister to the kittens. She prefers that to motherhood, way more fun! She's the one who teaches the kittens all they don't need to know, at least not yet. If there's mischief to be had you'll find Reba in the middle of it!

Reba - Red & White
Powdered Sugar is our resident mother. She stole my heart from the start, looking up with her sweet face and giving me one of her special little mews. How could I resist? I have never had such a loving cat, she is a forever cat here at Serendippity. I call her my "Little Midwife".

Sugar is called upon by all the other mothers to be with them during delivery. They know she's the "go to" cat when labor start. She will assist with cuting sacks, cleaning kittens, and even mommies if they are exhausted. When someone goes into labor they start crying for Sugar and we know instantly what's happening. All kittens belong to Sugar and she's very protective long after the mommies stop. But she is so much more.

Sugar - Solid White
And this beautiful girl is my little ray of sunshine. And shine she does! Her beauty is only excelled by her incredible sweet disposition. She's our laid back, I'm not going to get ruffled, Diva.

She is the daughter of Sugar and Tolliver. Tolliver was also an exceptional sweet boy who added all his wonderful traits to his daughters personality. Between Tolliver and Sugar there was no way that CoCo couldn't turn out exceptional. CoCo gives me the exceptional babies. Not to mention that beautiful solid sable she is noted for.

RagaMuffin Encore Cats - Gabriel Hornblower
This is the little Prince Charming of our breeding program. An outstanding handsome shaded sable and white. Bingley is the epitome of the RagaMuffin temperament with an extremely laid back personality.

We expected Bingley to do well in the show ring and he didn't disappoint us. He made Grand Champion in short order. Even his early photos, taken at a tender age, he loved showing off. Imagine what he does for an audience!! There is no lack of "wow, how beautiful" when Bingley's in the show hall. Check out page 4 of the album to see the early photos of Bingley.

CoCo - Natural Mink Tortie & White
Bingley - Shaded Sable & White.
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