Diamonds for Dymon

Gabe at 9 months.

Getting to be quite the MAN!

Ragamuffin kitten relaxed. Duffy looking just as sweet as he really is!
Silly Kameko, pretending to be a rug so the boys will leave her alone? No such luck!

The boys learned early that the bed was a fun place to play.
Sherwood asleep on my grandson's bed. Wonder what they where up to all night?

Meet my granddaughter Emmy-Leigh and Sparkle. These are "two of my favorite things"!

This is RayneBo Brite doesn't she look like she's having sweet kitty dreams!
And the little Lady on the right is "Be-Bop-A-LuLu" [alias LillyAnn] daughter of Sparkle and Gabe

This is "That's My Man Benny" father of RayneBo.

Benny was very premature at birth.
Benny mother had no milk so Gracie adopted him. Gracie is a wonderful mother and loves babies.
Here she is with sharing Sparkles's last litter. She just can't help herself!
Wasn't he tiny!!!

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