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I am a small in home RagaMuffin cattery located in Illinois. During a
search for a kitten for my granddaughter's 5th birthday I discovered the RagaMuffin.
It was a lucky accident but for me and love at first sight. I was totally hooked.
That is the reason I chose Serendippity for my cattery name. The dictionary's
definition of Serendipity: pure luck in discovering something you're NOT looking for.
That was me!!! We added the two "pp" because Serendipity was already taken in ACFA.
My registered cattery name in CFA is GentlePurrs.

RagaMuffin Kitten

All of my kittens are raised with us in our home, on our laps, and
in our beds. Each of our kittens receives individual attention and
handling from the time they are born so that they are well socialized
for their new adoptive families. As a responsible breeder, my first
concern is the health, happiness and well-being of each of my kittens, and
I am very careful to place them in caring, capable homes...

RagaMuffin Kittens
If you are considering purchasing a kitten please remember
RagaMuffin ownership should be considered a lifelong commitment.
If you do not feel you are able to make a total comittment at this time,
please delay purchasing your kitten until you feel sure you are ready.
Ragamuffins give and expect to receive a great deal of attention and
affection. The beauty, charm and intelligence of the breed justifies the
work and the expense of caregiving. It is, however, a responsibility
that not everyone can - or should - take on.

RagaMuffin Kitten

We hope you enjoyed your visit here at Serendippity and that you
come back soon and often. We love sharing my precious little four
legged family with others. They bring us joy and laughter, contentment along
with pride. We delight in the little antics of these beautiful and precious
little RagaMuffins. Be sure to check out our nursery page before you leave
for any available kittens and updates on any future litters.

RagaMuffin Kitten

NOTE: I reserve the right to determine who is or is not
acceptable to purchase a kittens, at my own discretion.
Call: 618-218-1926 or email: lynda_jay@yahoo.com

We want only the best possible homes for our kittens and will screen potential buyers accordingly. We also encourage prospective buyers to ask questions of us as well. Since we are selective breeders producing only a few litters each year, kitten availability is limited. Kittens are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Adoption fee is $1600. A $300 deposit is required to hold your kitten. Kittena are not reserved until deposit is received. Deposit will be deducted from the adoption fee. Deposit is non-refundable after your kitten is born and accepted by you. Deposits will be applied to a future kitten.

Please email me with your color/pattern preference and desired sex along with a little information about your life-style. This way I can make sure the personality of the kitten chosen for you is suited for YOU. I would not want to put a shy, reserved kitten in a household of small children. This would not be good for either you or the kitten. I will be glad to keep you updated regularly with digital photos of his/her progress as you wait.

Kittens come with a written health contract for two years against genetic disorders. Kittens will have age appropriate vaccines and are microchipped. All breeds have been tested for the Ragdoll mutation for HCM and tested negative. Kittens are ready for their forever homes between 12 and 16 weeks. This depends entirely on the development of the kitten. I have a strict NO DE-CLAW POLICY. I feel this is a very inhumane, mutilating surgery for cats. Please check the site listed below when considering this surgery.

Our cats are fed Life's Abundance dry cat food. My two year health contract is extended to four if you feed Life's Abundance. Please check it out. I also highly recommend they are also feed wet food which can be purchased from your local pet store.

www.breedlist.com / www.lifesabundance.com / www.declaw.lisaviolet.com

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